Week in, week out, we come across mind blowing stories of different businesses making waves across continents. 
X startup receives new funding, Y builds an exciting new product, or Z gets acquired by C for millions & billions of dollars. We absolutely love to see it because it shows that growth in the tech ecosystem is on the rise!

On this week’s episode of such mind blowing stories is the tale of Intuit acquiring Mailchimp for $12 billion after 20 years of Mailchimp’s existence. The success story of how Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius, the founders of Mailchimp turned their…

Francesco Andreoli (Venture Partner) & Olu Oyinsan (Managing Partner)

Do you have a big idea that can revolutionize Africa?

Are you building a tech-enabled solution that will shape the future for Africa?

We recently launched our new website and we now have a video pitch feature that allows founders to pitch to us in video format. We enjoy reading your pitch decks, but wouldn’t it be exciting to watch your pitch instead? We think it’s a thrilling way to know who you are and what you are building.

Here are five easy steps to #PitchForAYes on our new website:

  1. Head over to our website https://ouicapital.vc/
  2. Spot the “Pitch For…

Closing the Gender Wealth Gap

Over the years, a lot has been said about the gender pay gap. This is naturally so because, in 2018 (barely three years ago), it was estimated that for every dollar a white male earns, his female counterpart earned just 82 cents. At the current rate, A Lean In study predicts that it will take until 2059 for women to attain pay parity.

As alarming as this might sound, it is only a precursor to a much larger problem that appears to get a lot less consideration — the gender wealth gap.

The gender wealth…

Nigeria’s Securities and exchange commission (SEC) has drawn out new guidelines for raising debt or equity via crowdfunding ranging from definitions to delineation of players and rules.

Enough has been said on crowdfunding and many platforms have emerged as instruments of this new way of financing startup companies. As a result, on January 21st 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, released updated guidelines for CrowdFunding in Nigeria. This comes as the SEC tries to push for heightened transparency around crowdfunding.

In this article, we are highlighting what you need to know about these new SEC regulations.

But first,

Equity crowdfunding vs. VC funding

VCs invest in high potential startups using funds raised by limited partners such as pension funds, endowments, and high net worth individuals. They…

For most aspiring entrepreneurs, there is nothing more gratifying than that aha moment, when you discover that idea or solution that ‘can change the world’

Over the last quarter, the trend of multi-million dollar acquisitions and IPOs have continued to make headlines across the African tech ecosystems.

Last week, Twitter broke over the announcement of Stripe’s acquisition of Nigerian start-up Paystack. The $200M deal has sparked up conversations about what is possible and what is seemingly inevitable for the African start-up ecosystem. To keep the conversation going, we decided to take a look at a few of African companies (from three major markets in Sub-Saharan Africa) that have closed exceptional deals lately.

Kenya — DPO Group

Oui Capital is pleased to announce our investment in Vite, a Mauritius- based multimodal mobility startup. Mobility has been and remains one of our fund’s core verticals as we believe connecting people and goods is a vital part of creating prosperity on the African continent. Vite is an originally french word meaning “quickly” or “fast”.

Vite was born out of the inconvenience the founders encountered not being able to book taxis ‘on demand’ and paying two-way fares for one-way trips, while co-organizing a TEDx event in 2016 in Mauritius.

This pre-seed round is designed to provide Vite Technologies with the…

What's the right price to charge for my B2B product? This is a very common question entrepreneurs and startup founders find themselves having to answer at every point of their product life cycle- particularly in the earlier days. So, let’s run through the motions.

You’ve started your company, launched your first (maybe only) product, created an MVP, put it in the hands of a few customers for testing, received great feedback, and now they have indicated they would like to pay for your product/service (the hardest part of business). You’re in great place- the best place for a budding business…

Oui Capital

We invest in early stage founders building the future of the African continent.

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